I have been back in Atlanta since 1997. I grew up here from 5 to 18.  I consider myself a hometown girl.  I have no connection with any other state like I do Atlanta  (New York was my lover but I’m married to this place lol) 

A yearly event and local joy that happens here is the…snow storm.  Every damn year we have about as close to an apocalypse as you can get.  It’s like a holiday at this point lol

Its a continuous opening of presents that contain sweaters and trail mix. All this pretty packaging and you get all excited and don’t want not none of this shit.

It’s like you meet that fine dude and his game us nice, his kissing is nice and you and your body is ready and then it becomes Savannah and the guy who used her toothbrush 

It’s like going to a good steak house and the steak looks delicious and you cut it and it’s pouring blood

Now I’m not saying that the ice has not kicked our ass over the years nor that taking precautions isn’t necessary but whew the extraneous

Right now people are like, What the hell do I now do with 45 loaves of bread?

All the orgasms the news casters have had has made for one big mess in the back room. You could see how upset they were that this was not the big one.

We stay being the laughing stock of the Northern parts of the States.  

Kids are real Mad cause not only no snow but drunk mad parents abound. Oh yes the hell you are gonna do this homework I found lol 

Right now there are both men and women very upset that they either called their ex or moved too fast with someone or straight out hoed because they thought they were about to be on lock.

It’s only January we all will go on back to work and school on Monday and patiently wait on the next end of the world, cause of course it’s coming to Atlanta first lol