When is Kem coming out with new music?

Now that I am a principal cast member on the new reality show Real Coworkers of the COA, I’m kinda mad that no one told me VH-1 was not interested – I’m acting my ass off in the episodes for nothing..sigh.

I hope that Janet posts like a picture of the new baby’s…feet, lol  Give us something girlie!

I need to write a piece about the internet or social media in particular, after watching an episode of Blackish – it made me think about some things

I actually said what I wrote in my head, just like I wrote it and it felt good.

My 2017 Michael Jackson goals are starting to come together – I’m late

I’m ready for my next relationship to be full time

If this promotion doesn’t come thru..my whole way of life is going to have to shift

Every morning I look towards that corner – life certainly has changed

I will say being in a new space and hearing what folks say about me, means that the concerted effort I have made to be who I said I was instead of who I was exhibiting is working – I need to just keep believing

Because it’s sooo all over the place, I want to write out say 5 things that I feel have influenced my retreat and 5 things that I am responsible for before I make this therapy appointment.  I need to focus.

It really is ok at damn near 51 years old to be bold enough to say, It doesn’t matter where I am at in my own development, I’m far enough along to know this is not what I want.

The friendship will never be the same – maybe this year we will talk about it.

I will start with baby steps to try to once again at minimum be able to co-exist on social media.  Instagram is a good place to start I suppose.

Every time things like this happen – I do take pride in the fact that I know how to survive.

I want to get to a place where I can relax – I’m tired of the business of being..broke.  I’ve worked it my whole life.  I want to take on some new ideas, re-arrange my money some new ways. Admit I want nice things.

I haven’t had a hood crush in awhile and thanks to Donald Glover – I now have the Migos

Maybe I should change my car’s name from Fetty Wap to something else, apparently it’s not giving me any love.








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