• Sooo…..apparently Indian summer has decided to sit next to Al Gore and laugh at us. Sigh, I guess I will get my jackets phase one out, oh and find some closed toe shoes
  • This 10 pounds has told me fuck you, don’t past go and you ain’t collecting $200 SIGH.  I’m thicker but still pretty fit actually.  I keep it going. It will come off be it workout or knife, lol
  • We are so sorry, you have no idea how sorry we are…….me and daddy
  • Boy have I slipped and fell head first into a pot of….man, lol
  • September was one hell of a month. You like your life to have a continuous flow of peace with small bumps in the road – baby, I had to put on my hazmat boots for the level of shit that was flowing openly for most of this month.  It’s made me think about some things..really think about some things.
  • I had said that since I’ve been basically partying for almost two years now, I was taking a short haitus..I looked at my calendar for ok.  I have pulled back though in terms of not accepting every invitation.  There are some things I need to get accomplished and I need that Long island Iced Tea money in order to make it happen.
  • Lord I have enjoyed the summer of 2015. It was all about “Sisterhood” and “Sister Circles”  Very Very nice.  Besides this was the summer I was in a room with more than two family members and even though the thrill is now back gone – – That was enough feeling to keep the bad ones away.
  • There are periods of time when I feel some kinda way about my penchant for drifting through life and then I’ll drift by a strong moving current and look at all of that turmoil and stress and feel ok.
  • December begins the journey to 50 with my first classmate turning the big 5-0 WHEW LAWD next year is going to be something else!!  I can feel it.
  • In one month I have texted back and forth with someone over 3000 messages!!
  • Always have you a crush – keeps your blood circulating – mine sure does J
  • Each day I see at least 10 stories I just don’t comment on, lol
  • I am particular about sending my prayers or answering request for prayers because I would just add interference between you and whatever God you believe in…right? Since if I don’t believe as you do – why you jacking my prayers?
  • I am a better mother at the end of my journey than I might have been at the beginning and I’m happy for that because I moreso want to be a great mother to an adult child.
  • Sometimes It crosses my mind that ultimately I must have been a jacked up mom, because I listen and see women gushing and talking about their kids on the daily like A LOT and quite frankly, I’ve never had that much interest in my child, lol I’ve always had my own life and my own interests and my own things going on.  I was her mom, I went to some things. Go Child! I did the mom things but the yea so this is what I got going on.  It has actually served me and her well.   Life can be book learning and actual experience – she has a little bit of both cause I’ve been out here doing the things that I want to expose her to.  This ain’t dissing nobody do you, but it just…is…interesting.
  • One of my regrets is not having a son……
  • It’s funny how you meet someone and they offer up some good qualities but they don’t allow progress or the relationship to thrive  and then you meet someone who has a specific set of qualities that you want but damn you gotta work for that shit, lol lol I don’t have to really work for a lot of things, I will admit that so it’s kinda refreshing….or addictive.  I haven’t decided yet.
  • Make a list one day of the things you ‘take for granted’ in your life and see if these are things you need to stop taking so lightly and add to the thank you blessed list.  I humbly have come to realize that maintaining a home, car, job, child independent of auxiliary help and have furniture, curtains, entertainment etc. etc. is not as easy as one would suspect and I’ve been out here doing it since I was 19 – most of it riding solo.  I am thankful.  I am thankful.
  • I want to read and become immersed in books again BUT currently I am in love with music and If I have quiet time, I will put on my headphones and just go there.  The life of a Gemini – moments, brief moments of total obsession followed by waves of….nothing, lol
  • Someone always asks me “who is taking these pictures of you?”  LOL LOL I’m not a ‘selfie’ person – my child has taken that ish to new heights.  I can remember wayyyy back to the AOL days, I had taught here at like a tender age of 5-6 how to ‘take a picture of mommy”  ROTFL  I am not afraid to say “Hey can you take a picture of me?”  I also have an army of ‘photographers’ at work who will take a picture of me, lol  or when I go out, I will just hand my phone to someone. Everyone’s knows I’m THAT friend, lol I wish I had a photographer for the gym – now that’s who I ask “who are taking these pictures of you?!”

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