There’s Some Hoe’s In This House………


Somebody been lying!!

So part of the possibility when you are ‘online dating’ is that you may run into folks you know. Even if you know them in a space where they act like they would never online date.  Yea ok, lol  So I ran into an ex of mines. Well he ran into me and I opened a note that told me to IMMEDIATELY call them, lol  I did and as soon as they picked up, I just went ‘I HATE the internet’ and we had a good laugh.  He and I were cool (I swear I need to break up with more fire and brimstone, lol) we parted ways without ANY drama etc. and so before the convo was over, we had drinks planned for that evening.

We met up, he still looked good, doing his thang and talkative as ever. We ordered our drinks and commenced to talk about this on-line dating thing. See this would prove to be eye opening because I can’t see the straight women, so he would give me insight and I would do the same about the men and we both could get some pointers.

He’s a grown man and from what I know and remember carries himself like one.  It was like he had been holding something in as he opened his mouth and just spilled out his frustrations with the 35-55 year old woman. I sat there shocked (well not really).

He said never like now has there been so much:

  • lying about how many kids women have
  • neck up shots
  • outright requests for sexual favors in return for bills being paid
  • women quite agressive on the sexual tip
  • this false sense of ‘queendom’ as he called it

When a man tells you he has to out right say “damn can I get to know you first before we fucking” then you KNOW there is something going on.

I believe him too.  Sisters have gotten totally spun out.  Men don’t have to hoe us out anymore, we hoe ourselves out on the daily..I guess it’s like when folks say we took Nigger, changed it to Nigga and took ‘ownership’ of it (side eye)

I also have encountered some  personal profiles, where men have had to spell out in no uncertain terms that they are:


  • paying your bills
  • fucking you on the first date
  • fucking you without a date
  • telling you or showing you a pay stub
  • getting your nails and/or hair done
  • taking you and your kids out
  • responding to stalking cussing and other unladylike behavior
  • responding when you get mad because you are posting pictures from 3rd grade when you were smaller

WHAT THE HELL?! I also believe it because I’ve seen the conversation in action.  I’ve seen the constant mention of how much bills cost and how difficult it is to be out here trying to maintain a home and a life and how much help folks need etc.

It gave me pause because I am a FIRM believer that a man can rise no higher than his woman and that WE set the tone for how WE want to be treated and unfortunately the majority can totally mess it up for the average. If there are some of us who have made men get off their natural desire to hunt, conquer and provide with substance then where does that put us?  Is our self-esteem THAT LOW?!

All the worlds have a joining on and you really can’t totally have them not intersect. So while you on facebook quoting scripture and railing against this and that and all that different stuff, somewhere in another part of your ‘house’ you popping it and dropping it like its hot for an electric bill.  Busy somewhere talking about you only wanna go to the Sundial on a first date, lol  knowing damn well right now tonite at 12:45 am you bout to get that call that will have you up putting on your Bath and Body Works and flipping those pillows over, lol

I am getting tired of this ‘undercurrent’ sister totally changing the scope for the rest of us and we just taking it.  and more importantly Brothers are lumping us all in the same category and not giving any of us a real chance.

Now they got their dirt too and I’ll get to that later believe me when I tell you, women may own the patent on being ‘bitter’ but Brothers own it on NEVER letting that shit go.

We are all so far to the left and right..we can’t even touch fingertips anymore, lol

He and I had some good, sound honest conversation and it kinda got me down after the fact because in my own growth I have had to accept who i am flaws and all and I’m just not real adept at playing these games or presenting in a certain kind of way.  Like everyone else, I got some baggage that makes me leery of doing it again, especially when I’m up against these broads.  I quite honestly haven’t found my footing yet in terms of this site and who is approaching me and the conversations or lack thereof that i have had.  I will talk about that later.


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