Incomplete thoughts Volume 1

  • The Internet is set on making you think NOBODY is capable of being around another human. If they don’t call leave em if they only text leave em if you care one way and then them another leave em, if you stay with someone and y’all ain’t married in three weeks leave em. I miss the days when you were just out here living an authentic life hurt or not.
  • Everyday without fail, I utter the following:
    • God, sit yo ass down somewhere
    • Niggas
    • Really, negro, really?
    • Are you EVER Happy?
  • I talk about drinking wayyy more than I actually do it, lol
  • I always wonder do people ‘take a break’ from social media because you can’t wallow in an imaginative state in a room full of people?
  • I’m starting to believe that it’s the southern black that is holding us back, like totally.
  • By the time you get 45 and above, isn’t hoeing stressful?
  • My current dream is to sleep a full 8 hours!!
  • I actually like my daughter and she likes me.  Hell, that’s half the battle.
  • Sometimes I do wonder if I’ve been or am being a bad parent because I don’ my entire life and never have..for her.  I see people worshipping their children and I feel some kinda way, but then again……
  • As you grow older, you learn how to hold a gun but NOT pull the trigger. I have been experiencing that a whole lot lately
  • I can go lonnng periods without shit on my mind, lol  everyday is not some a ‘do work’ day for me. It comes in spurts, lol
  • I do NOT take the fact that I have been quite protected in my life for granted – no sir no way.
  • The hardest thing there is to overcome is the feeling that you don’t deserve to be happy just because.
  • For the woman that has decided they don’t need a man, I wonder how that is going for them?
  • I have been quietly watching this ‘uprising’ of sorts from black women in my age group, while I have also seen the stagnation and decline of black men in my age group.  I do NOT understand how there are some men who are not aware of the life cycle of a woman, while professing to be ‘all that and a bag of chips’ and have not prepared for when their woman hits that part of the cycle.  We out here trying to be with you and especially trying to be with the man we have chosen and ya’ll are DROPPING THE BALL!  So a lot of us are about to be out here with SOMEONE ELSE.

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