2,190 Days………



Hey You,

it’s been 2,190 days since you left. We still down here struggling, but I hope you see all the outpouring of love!! Your babies are fine – so grown now! Mama Katherine and Papa Joe are still the rock of the family and your beloved brothers are out here ‘thrilling’ the world. Your sisters are fine as well, Rebbie Lost Nate but she’s holding on, Latoya has blossomed doing reality and entertaining and yo baby Sis Janet, wheww she bout to go in and let have! Everyone is fine.

So back to me and you. I was listening to pandora at the gym and this clip came on and it pretty much is shaping what I want to thank you for this year. Thanks for being the most consistent entity in my life. From the time I first laid eyes on you at 6 years old, you have always been there..always. You have NEVER let me down. Every sad feeling, every happy feeling, every heart break, every joy, and everything in between, even if you are not front and center, you are there.

I remember not to long ago, I stood in front of the TV watching the 30th Anniv again. It’s special to me because it’s really the last time you were with your Brothers. You all got to “I’ll be there” and as you sang to me “If you should ever find someone new, I know he better be good to you, cause if he doesn’t..I’ll be there” and I started to cry because right then, I knew my marriage was over, That part usually just offers me comfort, when it affects me, something is wrong. I know, it sounds weird to folks, but not to me. Anyhoo, I just wanted to thank you for being many things to many people but also for being my VERY VERY BEST FRIEND!!


I also want to THANK each and every one of the 275 people (including the folks who got me blocked, hidden or whatever, lol) for indulging sometimes with me in the most exciting portion of my life. I”m NEVER going to stop loving this man or celebrating him and it’s as part of me as the air I breathe.


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