Damita Jo is Ready……..


Somewhere in the MIddle East, in a multi-level penthouse home is a room.  A quite opulent room. Fine silks adorn the furniture, the pristine floors glisten from a recent waxing and the curtains are open allowing the illusion that you can touch the sky especially since it is over 80 stories up.  In the center of that room is a big sexy bed.  5 figure count sheets, plush comforter the colors of a eastern sunset adorn it and sitting in the middle of it painting her toenails, eating grapes and watching a lifetime movie via satellite (because wealth be damned, that’s what we black girls do when we are home) sits a very demure….Janet Jackson. Not a care in the world, just chilling.

Footstep sounds echo in the apartment size room as her husband enters and sits on one of the hand sewn foot stools that are scattered around the room.

HIM: So my love, what do you want to do this summer?

HER: Well, you know what, I have been perusing the internet and watching the love for my brother(s) has put some songs in my heart.

HIM:  Really?

HER:  Yes and I spoke with Mother the other day and so I think that I want to go on tour.

HIM:  Ahh, but it’s been several years since you’ve been in the public eye…

HER:  I know, but I want to share my life, my mood, my world

HIM: Would you tour the States?

HER:  Oh yes!  Just a few select dates. I also want the venues to be a bit smaller so that I can feel like I can reach out and touch my fans.

HIM: When do you want to do this my love?

HER: Right away, but when is Ramadan?  I don’t want to be out there passing out.

HIM: According to the calendar Middle of June….

HER:  That is perfect, I will take these next two weeks and get my body ready and pull together my crew, make an album, practice and be ready to hit the stage come August.

HIM: Do you think the public will be receptive?

HER: ——————-

HIM: {laughter} Well my love, go forth and slay…….

As the sunsets in America, in dance hall’s, recording studios,hotel rooms of sponsors and the average everyday home.  A bright light shines in the sky. All the Amerie’s, Keri Hilsons, Ciara’s, Khia’s (Lord) and even the great B herself, looks up as us regular folks run outside and we all see at the same damn time….


Damita Jo is READY and SO…ARE…WE!!!



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