The ‘new’ Bar Scene….


I been around a long time!  I remember back in like 94-95, my first husband (RIP) had been deceased for a minute, the trials were over and one day like 23 months in, I woke up one day and was like, I need to see the sunshine.  Time to move forward.  I met him on the BACK of the local paper in a genuine personal ad and that began my VERY long journey with meeting and dating people I didn’t know from a ‘virtual’ place.  Mannnnn, lol  I remember chat lines, AOL & Yahoo Personals, Yahoo Messenger (where I met ‘the one’) and Yahoo groups where folks messed around.  Nude Africa where folks messed around, chat groups, blackplanet (where I Met hubby #2) and the list goes on. There was a time there when I was an active dater – God protects babies and fools.

Now the bar scene has changed a bit, yet stayed the same.  As the morals have dropped to an all time low, there are now quick spots where they don’t even hide the fact it’s just about a hook and Tinder. folks try (especially us older crew) to force it to be different, but it isn’t. Tinder even is trying to charge us older folks, lol  Match and eHarmony and now there is everything from Christian people meet to FARMERS Meet?  There are even spots where my MOM can get a date……*shudder* let’s move on.

So here I am standing outside the ‘bar’ I’ve chosen to go have a seat at…Plenty of Fish or as it’s called POF.  (I keep wanting to call it POS, lol) I’ve heard things about it. The lighting is nice, the bar is real wood and sometimes there is a very nice DJ up in the spot.  Folks are dressed in work attire and can be pretty nice.  I’ve also heard they do have rooms in the back and you need not bring champagne, but you also don’t even have to go.

I pulled together the very best representation of who I was in pictures and constructed a nice little profile and pressed..SEND. I ran my hand along the fine wood bar looking for a seat. There are seats that are low to the ground, seats that have you just seeing over the lip of the bar and then there are seats at the very end, they are plush, they are high up so you can see, they recline..they are for a QUEEN and this is where I sit and…wait for my first drink………..


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