It’s my Gymanniversary!! Some things I’ve Learned Along the Way

2 year

Two years ago, I walked into this place called Planet Fitness.  The $10 price tag made me interested, but it was time to go.  I had been avoiding it like the plaque since forever, I sat around eating and drinking anything I wanted like I didn’t have diabetes, like I didn’t feel sluggish, like my lady parts had not dried up and were spitting dust, like I didn’t have that boil on my right side in a crease….of course my then husband had tried to get me to do something, but I am stubborn and especially against ‘authority’  I will do it when I WANT TO!  Well it had become…I need to and just cutting back on eating was not going to be enough.

I thought everything that everyone thinks, once you start you can’t stop, you will get all bulky and all that jazz……the very first thing I stepped on is what everyone gets on..the treadmill…

This evening I will waltz in the gym. Wave at the front desk who know me and go ahead and change clothes, chat on the phone and go take a pee.  I will walk out on that crowded floor with the newbies and some OG’s and I will automatically get into my work out mode and step on some type of cardio machine after setting my music on BLAST!  My workout has begun.

I have done this now for two years, in spite of bad weather, in spite of being in my feelings about something, in spite of sometimes actually talking myself into not going…I have went to the gym, I have went to the park, i have went outside my house, I have went into my kitchen but I have WENT!! and for that I am damn grateful!!

I’ve seen, heard, read and experienced a lot on this journey……..

If you don’t do anything else…STOP DRINKING SODA AND JUICE!!

Your weight is special to you and no one else. There is no set way you are suppose to look at any weight. Some folks never look as heavy as they are and some folks look every ounce of it.  Get to where YOU feel you look good and your Dr. smiles a little bit, lol

Every Dr. scale in America is off by a few pounds.  I swear it’s so they can prescribe you something, lol

There are some universal ‘truths’ about health and fitness but the rest…is a personal testimony – find yours

My rule of thumb is 75% what I like to do, 20% what I need to do to make progress and 5% push it. These are not written in stone and are adjusted based on what I might be trying to do.

It hasn’t been the cardio for’s been the weights

At some point no matter what you are going to have to eat real food in real settings with the rest of the world

Being fit and being thin are two totally and sometimes unrelated things…..

Everyone has something they can do better than someone else, don’t get to cocky about yours because they might make you do…theirs.

Don’t get cocky period…we all are one do nut away from Lane Bryant or Casual XL

There are just somethings that you eat that will just not help your journey – pick a few and give up the rest, at least then you are responsible for what you eat and won’t feel guilty.

When all else fails, a piece of fruit is….safe.

We no longer live in poverty (most of us) so stop eating like you are…even managers special lettuce is better than a bag of white rice and beans

Talk to people about your journey not AT them about it.


Don’t throw away all your clothes, it won’t make you not eat

The last thing to go is NOT your’s your perception of how you look.

You are gonna lie to yourself…a lot, believe only half of it

Peer pressure is alive and well in adults…don’t let someone take you off your center..make decisions based on YOU not what everyone else is doing

Sometimes it will take a lonnng ass time

If you lined up all the pictures of the people who are attempting to get will see many more that look like YOU than look like the models they use to convince you of how bad you look.

Always remember the beautiful people include one more person….YOU  Don’t get caught up in the folks who seemingly lose 100 pounds in 3 months or are ripped or always seem to lose their stomachs….DO YOU

Decide how you want to live your life. Some people are perfectly fine with eating dehydrated rice, no butter cabbage and dry chicken every night – some people….aren’t.

Just about everything we eat is going to kill us!!!  You can either die from a gun blast or a nice slow poisoning when it comes to food.  If you wanna eat a GMO laced product DO YOU!! Just know that’s what you ate.

Wear your training wheels as long as you need to and keep them nearby if you want to put them back on. It’s a process and even the best of em (Oprah) need to start over.

Sometimes eating for flavor beats eating for volume anytime.  half a portion of something decadent can beat a whole bag of rice cakes…

No you are not thick or big are fat – just deal with it.

Do some kinda work no the mental that got you where you are today and you will get where you want to be tomorrow

it’s not your families fault – don’t deprive your size 5 daughter because you will eat all the cookies.  It’s life baby – just step away!

IT’S A DAY BY DAY SOMETIMES HOUR BY HOUR PROCESS!!  It really didn’t take you one cheese cake to get fat, and 1 month in the gym won’t correct that.


One day you WILL look up and be like DAYUM!!!!

Congratulations to everyone who tries…it doesn’t matter how many times, there is only one expiration date we are trying to beat and that’s the BIG ONE! 🙂


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