Randomness that qualifies as ish…..

Am I the only one who will go back and correct grammar on my social media posts, lol

I want a new lap top but my phone holds me hostage

Soon I will start my new ‘hobby’ crocheting – get ready for ROPES as gifts very soon, lol

Women are not the only ones who repeat behavior because they have convinced themselves that’s how they like to be treated and only seem to thrive in those situation..men do it too, all the time – don’t let them fool you into thinking you are the only one, because you are a woman.

If only I could keep my heart tucked away and become the cold hearted bitch I dream of being….

An article on Relatives vs Family gave me more peace than I’ve had on the subject in years

When all roads lead to you..are you selfish or focused

I might be corny and I need to examine this further (this might be an expansion vehicle to a more flushed out post)

Moving around out here in the world can be such a scary place

I read that the first 50 is for learning and the next 50 is for living – I want to take this to heart and on June 4th 1016, CRANK IT UP!!!

Um, I’m about to be 50 next year…YIKES!

In some ways I have a very long way to go….I just need to decide…where

I feel death will beckon my doorway in 2015 and I am afraid

Maybe this age is rife with mid life crisis for women, I see a lot of women expressing this and making changes they think I don’t see

Exploring the whole corny/square adult assignment. What it means?

It can get extremely quiet in my world sometimes..glad I know how to make noise

Hello Out there anybody reading me?


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