Fit Life Chronicles – It’s the little things

When you are overweight an even bigger denial than the fact that you are eating too much of the wrong things is that you can move and function out here like a healthier person.  We take pride in things like we don’t have any diseases, or the Dr. says we are fine just need to lose a little weight or that we can sex someone for days etc. etc.  The truth is that we don’t necessarily function like someone of a healthier lifestyle.  How could we, we don’t even know how to tell the difference if you are a lifer in the game.

This also doesn’t mean that everything is static in that area – there are plenty of seemingly ‘healthy’ looking people on the outside wearing coveted clothes sizes and participating in fitness activity that are about to drop dead when there counter parts who are bigger etc. really are doing the damn thing – but that’s not the norm.

There are these things called NSV or Non-scale Victories. They were developed to address this and I pay attention to them because they are what can keep you keeping on.  They can be the barometer of what is really going on with you and only after you see something that is different can you acknowledge it, log it in and feel some kinda way about it.

I am always surprised, always when they happen to me or when my mindset about them is different than it was before.

  • There is no hesitation to take the stairs
  • I feel quite conscious of what I am eating and sometimes struggle to…make a bad choice
  • I can stop myself from making a bad choice
  • I just pull into a spot and park – no more driving until I can ‘get close’
  • No hesitation to walk someplace
  • I can literally walk 3.5 miles per hour
  • I will consciously choose to work out if I’m not doing anything else
  • I finally can eye ball different servings
  • I can put together a meal based on numbers (calories, fat, carbs etc.) and not just colors, hunger level and desires
  • I can stop long enough to decide if I’m really hungry
  • Somethings I have eliminated from my diet actually make me sick now
  • I try to include physical activity in the things I do as much as possible – like walking the airport during a lay over
  • I probably eat more food now than before eating badly and I will make decisions based on that – a single wing from Churches Chicken is 310 calories, that’s an entire omelet – um no.
  • I REALLY enjoy when I do indulge, it tastes and is appreciated more
  • My thighs no longer cause pain when I walk
  • I have not had any feet numbness or tingling in a minute now
  • I no longer have diabetic boils in my creases
  • My sex drive is ON FLEEK
  • Keeping my nether regions groomed, clean and free of moisture takes half the time and equipment (keeping it real)
  • I am quite limber
  • Running somewhere real quick has taken on new meaning
  • Doing my feet doesn’t make me breathless
  • Most of the things I do, no longer make me breathless
  • Dropping it like it’s hot on the dance floor doesn’t cause my legs to fall off the next day
  • My daughter applauding and noticing changes in me and my body make me proud
  • Grabbing all the bags, or all the anything and carrying them is just another day at the office for me.
  • Even if you are not where you want to be – the fact that you are going in that direction feels a way that is different than some other goals you may have set for yourself.

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