15 Thoughts for the Year 15

Ya’ll know I stay on the random, lol

Black women have been holding on for dear life to this whole uber bratz look, when are we gonna let that go? I hope that ass, eye lashes and the heavy weave are left in 2014, though I doubt it.

2014 I was not overdrawn once – checking or savings……

I think that the educational system has it backwards, you should pay for your early years and college should be free.  The educators when you are developing should be treated with the same respect and system of tenure that college professors are given.  It would make parents more accountable and the ‘reward’ would be what you get in college – the opportunity to explore and expand.

There are some evil evil just unhappy people out here in the world and the sad part is..now they might actually be happy because they get to spew their ‘joy’ all over the….internet

If I would set my damn remotes I wouldn’t spend so much time channel surfing, lol

There are relatives and then there is family.  That ah-ha moment has really brought some peace in my life

Trying to decide if i want to stop through the therapist for a few weeks and just check up officially a year after my divorce.  I am making a commitment to sit in someone’s chair at least once a year to just check in.  My mental health is soo important to me.

No matter how cordial the break up is – you have moments of feeling…broken long after it’s over.

Why do negroes in the hood dart across the street in the dark in all black all the time?

Whoever made mirrors is diabolitical and I hate them

Thinking about how to bless a few folks this year – I am SOO BLESSED, I need to keep that going.

Through all of this turmoil in the country, I have been looking and listening and I look at a whole heap of people a whole lot different now.

I’m still a little sad that I lost some overall good people in my life because of class drama and the owner of the foul spirit carries on.

In 2015, i want people to learn how to use technology.  It is here to stay!  Not responding to texts when a conversation is going on is RUDE! in some kinda panic about facebook or who is looking and watching you is TOO LATE!


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