Fit Life Chronicles #1

As the end of the year slowly passes, I am excited about rolling into my TWO YEAR FITAVERSARY!!  January  will make 24 months that I have been on a quest to get my health to line up with my desire to live a full life.

I can proudly say that over the course of a year, all total I have not even taken a full month off. I also have not taken more than 4 consecutive days off. I been ON MY GRIND BABY!!!!

This summer I got OUTSIDE!!  I can admit I was SUPER fine this summerand had a nice cushion surrounding my ‘goal’ weight but by the time September rolled around, i started picking up a bit of weight and as I sit here today 12/31 – I am like 3 lbs ABOVE my goal weight.  I’m in my feelings about that, but I’m not sure where exactly it’s coming from.  I know where it has landed though – IN MY MID SECTION. From under my breast to above my hip bone is just MESSY!! Everything else is looking fantastic!  My clothes fit so nicely – my mid section is holding me up and I have to wear pants to accommodate that and not the way the rest of my body presents itself.  I battle with this on the daily and it severely affects how i ‘view’ myself. It’s frustrating to think you are working hard and something just doesn’t act right.

I also am officially a part of the ‘fit world’  I still look at the Ripped Goddess crew and sigh lovingly, but I am a part of a crew, lol  I never even thought or dreamed about any of that, so it has opened up a world and human base that I never expected.

I can safely say that it is a part of my life. I have done the work long enough that it feels some kinda way if I don’t


I actually have more defined goals for my fit life than in other facets of my life, lol There are things I want TO DO!

  • Start using the Smith Machine
  • Add Stone Mountain to my life
  • Start Deadlifting
  • Go Hiking and camping
  • Buy and Ride a Bike
  • Kick Box
  • Focus on the lifestyle and not the scale

Now about……FOOD.  I pretty much eat the same damn thing in the course of 2 weeks.  I try to incorporate real food with taste.  I just can’t get with that it has to be grilled chicken and dry brown rice – I REFUSE.  I have made it my business to seek out and try recipes that redefine eating.

I do get frustrated that I have to balance (1) weight and (2) diabetes with everything that I do.  It can be a very narrow space to live in sometimes.

I am going to reset beginning tomorrow and mix some things up though.  I don’t want to get anymore away from my goal because you can look up and be back to square one, the trick is to nip it at STEP one!! So I’m going to restructure some things – not making a big thing about it..but just know I am.

I also am going to switch to a once a month scale schedule.  I took my weight today and I will step on again on the 15th and the 15th of each subsequent month.  I am however going to measure myself every other week. I am really trying to focus on:

  • lifestyle adaptation
  • keeping it tight
  • Getting my body fat down a bit


I am looking forward to 2015!


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