Always In My Heart – June 25th

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On this day five years ago I lost my very best friend and my very first love…….

I started young trying to create an alternate universe for myself cause I already knew something was off, lol The First family  was…The Brady Bunch.  I just knew they were my family and I had been misplaced somehow.  I spent longer than I should have, daydreaming about running around with Cindy and having Greg be the very best big brother I could ever have. And then one day, I saw “Them) and it changed my life forever!

The Jacksons were my long lost family!!!  Except I had this weird ‘tingling’ whenever I looked at that little one in the front, telling me to ‘shake it shake it baby’….Yea this was about to be fun.

Fast forward, what? Almost 40 years and he has and will always remain…family.  As with a lot of things, time heals all wounds and you begin the grief process and eventually you hit…acceptance.

In the past five years, you can’t even help but look at how his legacy has spiraled into exactly what he wanted it to be.  No matter how far in your feelings you were/are about Michael Jackson, one thing is is apparent – HE IS THE KING!!

  •  Black people claimed him and took him to our bosom in eternal love.  We have embraced his Mother and have made it known that though he belonged to the world, he is OURS!
  • Fickle Americans have softened on several things to at least acknowledge his place in music history
  • The rest of the world has lost their damn minds, lol
  • The post Thriller generation stay doing way to much but you gotta love em
  • The Jacksons have reclaimed and taken their rightful place in history and given 40 plus black “girls” their lives back several times over..have you SEEN JACKIE JACKSON LATELY?!
  • The community of MJ fans at large is one of the tightest, best fan bases EVER!!

As I take a moment to reflect and remember his LIFE and in some aspects the tragedy of his death, I feel like I need to DO something to honor the legacy and the best thing I can think of is to BE CREATIVE! Michael Jackson was about his creativity and letting it run free.  He never harnessed it and that’s why we have such great overall music as Billie Jean and such subtle personal moments like “Heaven Can Wait”

The MJ season runs from today, June 25th to his birthday August 29th and to honor him I’ve decided to try do the following:

Try to read 56 books which is the age he would have been this year

Blog AT LEAST four times a week during this time

Update my MJ Scrapbook

Try something new creatively

Pick up a few of my previous creative endeavors


Michael my Michael – you have ALWAYS been there for me!!  You have helped me through every difficult and happy time of my life. I selfishly wish you were still here so that I wouldn’t have to find ‘someone new’ but then again, I will always have to because you are no longer here.

I love you and I miss you and you will forever be in my heart!



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