Bright Lights! Bright Lights!

mister magoo I have been wearing glasses since I was 8 or so. One of the reasons JC Penny is still somewhat liquid is because of their twofer when I was young.  I am nearsighted and I get progressively more near sighted as time goes along.  I currently have grown out of regular contacts, lol  I have to wear hard lens and anyone who wears them knows you might want come to peace about you wearing glasses – those bad boys are just uncomfortable.

Another one of my issues is that I have night blindness.  Night blindness is when you can’t see night.  This wouldn’t be so much of an issue, but it impairs driving after dark BIG TIME.  Imagine being on Poltergist and the woman is screaming DON’T GO INTO THE LIGHT!! Remember that bright ass light?  The entire opposite side of the high way for folks like me, is the portal to hell.  Really, you start swaying in the seat and you just want to go into the light, except the light is attached to a TON of metal.  It might be an age thing OR it might just be advanced astigmatism and being nearsighted. Whatever it is, it makes my life a LIVING HELL!!  It produces panic attacks and I have to ‘prepare’ to drive after say 9pm.

Well part of this whole ‘solo’ thang is that now I HAVE to drive at night. Who else gonna do it?  I be out there on a wing, prayer and ghetto GPS, lol

I had seen the commercial for the night vision glasses, man they make it seem like you have an escort through the streets, but they cost a bit much for me to be experimenting..then I got some kinda special groupon for TWO PAIRS for $5 with free shipping and handling!!  OH YEA BOY!  I’m bout to be out and about and getting my late night party ON!!

night vision

It took so long to get them, I actually forgot about them. Then one day there they were.  Looked legit to me.

Recently I have had to drive about 40 minutes to pick up my daughter from her job. I have had two panic attacks, a fainting episode and lost 10 pounds from sweating. ATLANTA DRIVERS CAN KISS MY ENTIRE ASS!

I know some folks are wondering, why I haven’t talked about the glasses.  Well here is my review:

AND NO!  How they work is they turn all the glaring white lights to this nice soft slow jam orange.  It’s nice. Ok, in theory they work.  On Interstate 20 where there are ample lights they actually work, but Georgia is full of dark, dreary, klan and negro infested streets that are just waiting to take you out the game, lol  On THESE streets they don’t work because they turn everything a shade darker!  UM, I already can’t see and now it’s too dark!!

I sure won’t be going into the light, but if yo ass is standing there in all black (which is like a requirement in the hood) YOU ARE GONE!!  10 points for Pam!

As well as, they fit over your glasses and therefore they look like this

night goggles

You can CHILL on looking sexy, cool or good. Somebody fly pull up next to you they are NOT winking they are calling 911 to tell them a blind person is behind the wheel.

I read in some reviews that there are better ones out there, but I think I’ll just wait until I have the best one A MAN and me in the PASSENGER SEAT to take me where I need to go, lol lol



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