Zombie Kinda Night…Tales From The Darkside

My penchant for watching way to many episodes of Criminal Minds and reading way to many Zombie and Dystopia books has given me pause about several things that didn’t use to bother me. So when I awoke with a start last evening because it just seemed to dark, even in my sleep state and realized that the neighborhood had went dark, I immediately got into the Zombies are coming.  Yea I really did put on my sneakers and a hoodie in case I had to jet.  It’s always hard considering that you might have to off your family but oh well.  I checked on everyone and when my daughter didn’t answer immediately (and she’s a night owl) I got all in my feelings, that’s my baby, but hey I am still fertile I could be used to repopulate, lol Maybe Tyrese would survive, lol

So anyhoo after I lay back down..I stretched out in the darkness and let my mind wander….


I am kinda disappointed that no one celebrated 4/20 on my facebook feed.  I need to really get me some edgier friends. 

I need to look into who is checking my page to begin with, I don’t know half these people. I really wish you could really customize your page.

I guess I can’t complain all the way though, there were several folks who chose not to post the varying portraits of Brad Pitt as Jesus on Sunday. 

To replace the “N” word with Ninja is doing such a disservice to kick ass, highly trained Ninjas everywhere.  Call a spade a damn spade.  “This Nigga here” has a ring to it that can’t be duplicated.

The desire to cunt punt this woman in a wheel chair with oxygen smoking on the train platform this morning was very hard to overcome

Witches Brew and Luuvie (two social comedy bloggers) have done more for the English language than anyone in the last say 50 years.  I bow down to them.

Meanwhile, the internet has fucked my grammar, English and ability to think longer than three seconds all the way up!! 

I have been playing word hockey lately and I have to say there have been some worthy opponents.  I like when I get to use what I know, cause I swear fo GOD they got me locked up with numbers raining down on me like torture up in this piece.

Sometimes folks make it sooo hard for you to be happy for them.

Nervous energy upsets my karma, there are very few things that get me that frazzled.

Will August ever come so I can get me a new phone!?

Did she say she was going to Denver..as in COLORADO?!

I’m a teeny bit pissed that I let someone and their ‘personal’ opinion throw me off and I didn’t get my Michael Jackson Tattoo.  Now I feel like where I am at in my life – it would be such a childish display of rebellion, that the moment has passed. NEVER AGAIN!

Every single day I see/feel/experience something that is related to me getting my ass up and moving.

To deny the fact that a ‘stress’ I didn’t really know was affecting me has been lifted is to deny the growth I have been making.

In my mind I’d like a personal therapist that I see two times a week…just because

Ultimately the entire situation is sad……both of them.

My heart is in the right place this time around, really it is..but when it’s all said and done, I’d rather get me a ticket to Chi Town and see my dear friend. We need to sit on the beach meditate and talk.  It would do my soul a lot more good.

It might not look like it, but I’m READY for my closeup.

To get to a point where if I need to feel, I do is a journey well worth fighting for.

I’m kinda funny about my ‘inspiration’ to others because I’ve seen folks, jump to do what I couldn’t bring to fruition quick enough and I’ve seen people try to ‘be’ me thinking they are going to get some brownie points, the biggest inspirations and the most true, you notice and not really even realize it.  The other day, I saw it manifesting itself and it gave me a whole life level to keep going.  I see Y-O-U and it LOOKS GOOD!

Yea Yea Yea – folks want a book, but WHY?  What exactly do I have to say that will influence the world on that level?  What would be the point of chronicling my life?  Then it came to me the resistance.  I am a story teller. I don’t want to write shit. I want to sit on the porch in my Miss Jane Pittman hat and tell it to someone who will write it for me.  I need to investigate that.

Speaking of, I am disappointed in the changing definition of what a BOOK is due to the electronic age.  Um I read like three pamphlets a week talking about they are a damn book. NO MAM!! SAT DOWN!!  This is an essay for getting into Grad School ( I say Grad School cause it does need to be a bit longer than say 500 words).  What you do find is that if you are paying $.99 for something – it’s usually not a book.  (Thanks Carl Weber for that lesson last year at the conference) AUTHORS (which I’m finding are different than writers) charge appropriately for their work and you buy it, greedy to partake of their words.

Being a Gemini can be one of the most complicated beings to be. Two people living inside of one..whew I STAY tired!

I need an inhaler just thinking about it


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