Babyyyy I’m BAck!

Well, HOW THE HELL ARE YAH?!  I’ve been in my cocoon balled up for a minute now but it’s time to come on out and let ya’ll know what’s been brewing up in there. Like the weather is changing (or so we hope, dayum) and my ‘muse’ Mariah is ready to launch, I thought this Wednesday, April 16, 2014 is as good as any.

This is my FOURTH Blog – they are all named after Mariah’s CD’s.  For some reason,she seems to be the soundtrack (or at least the title track) of my life, lol  It actually is kinda scary, because when she finally released the name of her new CD, it hit me so hard in the gut that I sat on it for awhile.  I had to let the ramification of it simmer for a minute.

If you already know me, I suggest you stay along for the ride – if you are new to the wonderful mind of P Boogie (yea I think that sounds sufficiently retro corny) then WELCOME!

Over the years, I’ve had some PROLIFIC moments via the written word.  I have been privy to some EPIC moments by other bloggers over the years.  All of this is what keeps me coming back to this form of ‘diary’ for the public..

A lot of my templates have been ‘dark’ black/brown etc. I chose this light one to reflect where I’m at in my life right now. 

So let’s recap:

  • I have been blogging for years
  • Mariah’s CD titles are my inspiration
  • My newest incarnation is P. Boogie
  • As a Gemini, I’m gonna be introducing some new chapters
  • In my life, I cuss, and thus, there will be cussing on this page
  • My page, My thoughts, Yours are welcome but I might bite backImage


WELCOME! Let’s Get It Started!


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